Leidi 660 - Amazing Lady Otvoreno More // November 2015

Building upon the legendary model Leidi 600, team from Leidi shipyard created impeccably groomed family cruiser that can match on a global scale with a huge range of compartments and comfort intended for a multiday family cruises.

Buying a boat directly from the manufacturer is a habit especially developed in small markets such as Croatian. In discussions and negotiations with the owner of a small shipyard it is easier to arrange a payment schedule, throw your used engine or customize specific interior to suit your needs, which is unthinkable with serial production. From the position of shipbuilders, such situation sometimes turn into a nightmare, because good will can be abused, so if it's abused, manufacturer can lost hours, working on details, which is very difficult to additionally charge. However, on the other hand in this way shipbuilder gain valuable information about preferences of the customers and with each subsequent model can guess better the taste and the needs of the audience.

Leidi 660, last beauty of Marsel Brkic's workshop, is a boat tailored exactly for local boaters. It was built on the foundation of Leidi 600 model - one of the the most popular models on the market, sold with a circulation of one hundred copies of it. For the seven lean years of Croatian market is more than a good result.

Difficult choice

Hull looks modern and retro in the same time. Every inch of the boat is perfectly used.

These 60 centimeters difference is the answer to the most common comment of previous owner - everything is great, but only if the number was higher. This curse of the numbers is the main reason for switching to a larger and more expensive category in the entire boating industry worldwide. It is heavy to predict how much owners would for 60 centimeters sell their not so old lady, but from the position of all future customers selection is very difficult. The Leidi 600 will continue to produce as less demanding users initially for the same level of equipment offers savings of 4,000 euros, for poorer package even twice more. Just for the reason that most customers orders a lot of equipment, a new lady in the basic version offers a lot of equipment including mahogany, pillows, solar panels, and the additional part includes anchor with electric winch, gas stove with refrigerator, bimini, navigation...So, without exaggeration we can say that this is a product at a world class level, which is already showing with the great interest of highly demanding customers within Northern Europe. With so many details, biggest argument for switching to the upper class is more comfortable toilet space, objectively, this is the only concrete objection regarding the old 600 model.

Toilet without shower

Instead of a modest 130 centimeters now the height of a new Leidi 660 is 160 centimeters which is a noticeable progress. Who does not want toilet cabin, on the same site may have a greater bearing and small washout toilet hidden beneath it. With artificial lighting in the cabin, there is also a round window on the hull mainly for ventilation purposes. Theoretically, in this 80 cm wide space could one shower could fit easily. This is now foreseen for the stern. The only thing that slightly spoils the impression are too long installations of the flushing system. Like all valves it is helpful to keep an eye on them, but on this glitzy boat these installations should be hidden completely. Entering trough the wooden door helps solid handrail located on the outer rim of the console. It is very useful for safe walk to the salon, especially when you find yourself on rough sea.

With a slightly larger main bed dimensions 220 x 200 cm and extra bed in the salon got new serious format. Both benches have wooden inlay to increase the width from 60 to 75 centimeters, and by the lowering side restrains and table, space increases to a total of 190 centimeters in lenght. Complete procedure is not complicated, but it takes a little skill at handling table. It is necessary to put extra pillow while the other two draw together with wooden inserts. Such accommodation capacity will satisfy fishing trio or even a family of four with small children which is for 7-meter boat a really big deal. Apart from the beds, a very important segment for a comfortable stay several days on the sea are storage capacities. With wise arrangement of interiors in the salon was created enough space for the various compartments. With high volume kitchen block for the purpose of additional drawers or refrigerator, this can be also used as a skipper's footer. The space for large refrigerator is in the sitting block opposite the kitchen location, below the table is located an additional tank, and as the largest surprise, you can find for this boat very big pantry in the flooring.

Tinted windows

For the pleasant feeling in the interior crucial are windows increased by 30 centimeters. On the flanks of the body are located two round windows plus square roof window for the full great experience.

With exemplary transparency and height above the bed of 110 cm is favorable so without central insert in the bow can be pleasant to sit. From other details in the interior worth pointing out is the wiper motor cleverly concealed under a simple management console, and a large wooden wheel. From the stern, cockpit salon is separated with aluminum sliding doors tempered in tinted glass, very elegant product by ZADARPLAST croatian company. Door entrance is 155x53cm, and for those which this is little can choose a slightly less attractive four wings folding doors for maximum breathability.

Stern area is also perfectly used with maximum flexibility. The side benches are foldable which frees space for various purposes - playroom for children, dining for six, fishing or transport space ... The rear seat covers the entire width, but has three covers, right sheltered passage from the stern platform, central raises along with the head engine and left the classic deep smelt. Plenty of room is hidden and the four smelt in the floor where are a fuel tank and a table with telescopic leg fit much useful things. With a low fence, wooden decorative flanks and bimini, space is very comfortable to stay. Swimmers will easily go out of the sea, because ladder folded right into platform has two handrails, also the structural carriers. Left platform is fully occupied by sliding mechanism for auxiliary engine.

Solar panels

For fishing and contemplation is ideal bow of the boat with high superstructure cabin as the bench and outwards sloping fence. Anchor is perfect swiped through the central hole in the bow integrated with bow pulpit, important is that does not take up space on treads. Anchor cover is somewhat smaller, but large enough to access the chain and the winch engine. Very successful is also intervention on the roof with slots for solar panels, indispensable part of today's nautical equipment.

The upper part of the superstructure, the interior and hull are in the same beige tone, we can say a brand color of the Leidi shipyard that further emphasizes the retro design of the boat.

Black outboard engine is in this combination always fist to the eye, but with age We are used to it, especially under the influence and virtue of the japanese petrol engine. Suzuki 140 is the optimal choice for Leidi 660 because two liter capacity is not wasteful nor too expensive, and may pull really well if needed. Regarding speed, it should be noted that Leidi is not a classic boat, Leidi 660 acts the best at the speed of twenty knots. Axed design of the bow and flat stern are great combination made for the Adriatic sea. Mastering meastral waves on this boat is really easy. Feeling is good when managing and controling the rudder. Excellent hull keep going straight at all speeds. When accelerating there is no longitudinal leaning or tilting and we can conclude that the boat fully meets the purpose. Expanding on water line and remains of the former keel should meet the requirements of stability on the anchor because a lot of the owners would conduct most of their time anchored somewhere. We can say now, it would be the best for all to start saving fuel and money put aside in case that in a few years they want larger boat, then Leidi 800 is ready waiting for them.

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